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Our History

Nebraska Sign Company in Lincoln has been designing, fabricating, installing and servicing custom exterior sign displays and interior identification systems for over 65 years: 


Originally conceived as a billboard company, John Pavich recognized the need for custom sign fabrication in the Midwest area and refocused the company starting with the name "Nebraska Neon". Through experience and dedication to quality, our company quickly established ourselves as one of the top neon shops in the entire US.  Due to the work of talented designers and master craftsmen, monumental projecting signs, neon displays and towering pole signs began to fill the Midwest landscape, some of which are still standing and recognized over half a century later.


Our staff has grown over time, and our business has evolved with the changes in technology.  In 2013 Jim Graham took control of the company and is leading a new era of quality design and fabrication at what is now "Nebraska Sign". Although we still create and repair neon, we have embraced the longevity and power savings that new LED lighting options provide.  Awnings, interior logo displays, illuminated letters and cabinets, digital message displays... big or small, we do it all.

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